Revolving Door Abortion Quacks

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Revolving Door Abortion Quacks

Bradley Mattes   |   April 06, 2011

Pro-abortion activists want abortion to be safe and legal. Let’’s look at one chain of abortion mills in Southern California. They prey on poor Hispanic women who’’re less likely to report shoddy practices to authorities. They’’re now on their sixth abortionist. All previous ones have lost their medical licenses. They’’ve killed women, one was a convicted sex offender, another lost his home and lived in his car. Another killed two babies during intended deliveries. One pro-life leader called the operation a “revolving door of abortion quacks”, adding the abortion mills “resemble a crack house more than a medical office.” This adds to a body of evidence legal abortion, in a growing number of cases, is nowhere close to safe. It’’s time to end abortion and protect women and children.

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