Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Counseling

What if we could take the ultrasound machine to the pregnant woman contemplating abortion? In over a dozen areas of the nation it’’s being done. Image Clear Ultrasound is equipping RVs with an ultrasound machine and retrofitting them with exam rooms. This enables pro-lifers to reach many women who wouldn’’t otherwise get their help. The acronym, ICU, has a double meaning as in ““I see you, little baby.”” Last year these mobile women help centers saved well over 500 babies from abortion. And they’’re sharing the message of Jesus with the mothers. Most abortion-minded women chose life for their babies after coming aboard one of these mobile centers. If you’’re interested in details, visit today’’s broadcast link at life issues dot org [see below]. It’’s changing the landscape of pro-life counseling.

Mobile Clear Ultrasound

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