Homemade Bomb Thrown at Pro-Lifer

A firebomb was thrown at an elderly woman participating in 40 Days for Life, which is a peaceful, prayerful presence outside abortion mills. During an event in Kalispell, Montana, an assailant threw a homemade bomb at the woman. Thankfully it missed her. Second to this near-tragic event was the response from the Kalispell police. It took them a long time to respond to the emergency call, and then he told them they should expect things like this if they’re going to protest. This is appalling. We shouldn’t expect Molotov cocktails when we’re exercising our right to free speech. Can you imagine the reaction if a pro-lifer had thrown this at an abortionist or pro-abortion activist? Homeland Security would have jumped on it and called us all terrorists. We need justice.

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