Treating Unborn with Adult Stem Cells

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Treating Unborn with Adult Stem Cells

Bradley Mattes   |   February 24, 2011

There continues to be monumental breakthroughs treating patients with adult stem cells—NOT the embryonic kind where human life is killed. This latest discovery is worth mentioning. Doing research on mice, they’ve found they should be able to take a mother’s adult stem cells and treat the illness of her unborn baby. Isn’t that cool?! Scientists at the University of California San Francisco say they can now think “really big.” This means treatment for babies with ailments from neurological disorders to muscular ones—all before birth. The study also found they can get usable cardiac adult stem cells for treating babies with heart ailments as early as one day after their birth. I wish we could now get the president to stop flushing money down the drain for embryonic research.

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