Vending Machine Abortions

The abortion industry is proving once again they corner the market on indifference. Just when it seems they can’t be any more detached from the actual needs of young women, they unveil a new scheme even more callous than the last.

In Iowa, for example, at least a dozen Planned Parenthood facilities are relying on telemedicine to bolster their profit margins. Women who walk into the facilities expecting to personally meet with a licensed physician are instead seated in front of a computer screen. “The physician doesn’t actually come,” an abortion worker explains on an audio recording released by local pro-lifers. “The physician who prescribes you the medication would be on a computer screen.”

That medication is RU 486, a dangerous abortion drug. As the staffer says, “You would press a button that’s on the screen, and a little box would open up with the medication in it.” There’s no physical exam, no doctor on the premises to ensure the young woman’s safety. She’s on her own. And would you believe it, Planned Parenthood is billing insurance companies $1,000-twice what they charge patients paying with cash.

This is yet another telltale sign that the abortion industry is bilking women for their money while killing their unborn babies. Death is a product, and each woman a potential dollar sign. But as abortionists become more isolated and impersonal, soon pro-lifers alone will be establishing meaningful connections with young women and men who are seeking answers that can’t be found by camera inside a lonely abortion mill room.

At the end of the day, pro-lifers can offer something the pro-abortion side cannot: genuine compassion for the whole person, the willingness to give our time and resources, and, most of all, hope for a mother and her child. That’s something you just can’t dispense by vending machine.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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