Obama Panders to Left by Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Cincinnati, OH (March 9, 2009) – Contrary to recent and dramatic scientific evidence, President Obama signed an executive order authorizing tax dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research. It is highly controversial because human embryos are killed in order to obtain stem cells.

The President’s decision appears particularly political when made in the immediate wake of two scientific announcements. The Bentham Open Stem Cell Journal just published documentation of the first successful adult stem cell treatment to reverse the effects of Parkinson’s disease.

At the same time, researchers cautioned against embryonic stem cell use, citing an Israeli boy who developed brain and spinal tumors as a result of the embryonic cells. Dr. John Gearhart, a stem cell scientist from the University of Pennsylvania, was even more outspoken saying, “Patients, please beware.”

Adult stem cells, usually taken from the patient’s own body, have treated or cured scores of ailments and illnesses. Recently, it was also announced that adult stem cells actually diminished the disability in patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

Bradley Mattes, executive director of Life Issues Institute, said, “President Obama is ignoring volumes of scientific evidence and pandering to the left by using our tax dollars to kill human embryos for an unproven science. Numerous medical breakthroughs have shown us the answer is in adult stem cell treatment and research.”


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