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Effective Resources Now Available to Reach the Black Community

ve8QAd   |   October 13, 2008

Abortion is the #1 killer in the African American community — higher than AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, cancer and heart disease COMBINED!

Since 1973, when Roe v. Wade legalized abortion-on-demand, over 14 million innocent, pre-born Black babies have been killed by abortion. Approximately 1,200 Black abortions occur in our country every day. In the face of this carnage, too many people are still unaware of this incredible loss of life. Further, pro-life advocates are unsure how to address the problem.

Never before in the history of the pro-life movement have such effective educational resources been available to reach and educate the African American community concerning the impact of abortion.

Life Issues Institute’s Urban Outreach Director, Arnold M. Culbreath, will also provide you with free expert guidance. Please contact Arnold at 513.729.3600 or

To purchase these educational tools visit:

What is Protecting Black Life?
This brochure contains a snapshot of the magnitude of the abortion problem in the Black community, and what Life Issues Institute is doing about it through its’ urban outreach initiative Protecting Black Life.
Practical Things YOU Can Do To Combat The Problem Of Abortion
Gives practical action steps, intended to help the reader move past feeling paralyzed by this seemingly insurmountable problem, to identifying something meaningful they can do to make a difference.
Special Edition Connector Newsletter
Life Issues Institute has just released a “special edition” of its’ quarterly newsletter which includes a compilation of previously released abortion-related articles pertinent to the African American community. Did You Know? Newsletter
The “NEW” African American Pro-Life Educational Publication that’s sweeping across the U.S.!
Facing Life Head-On Television Program
Facing Life Head-On, a 30-minute weekly pro-life program is accessible in over 100 million homes. Each week topics are covered that provoke thought and promotes awareness on the life issues. The following episodes were developed to specifically reach the Black community:

Protecting Black Life (Season #2 – Episode #13) – presents the abortion problem in Black America.

Reproductive Racism (Season #2 – Episode #10) – exposes Planned Parenthood’s racist agenda, intentionally targeted towards the elimination of Black Americans.

Abortion Awareness in the Black Church (Season #3 – Episode #3) – examines the question: Should the church play more of a leadership role in educating and supporting women and men who are in an unplanned pregnancy?
Protecting Black Life wristband
A silicone wristband consisting of colors intended to catch the eye and serve as a catalyst to draw people into dialog as well as a reminder to steer them to Protecting Black Life’s website for further education on the Black abortion issue.
Justice Loves Babies by Darlene and Danielle Wibeto
this story emphasizes the worth of life and the impact of prayer. Justice Loves Babies will change the way children treasure life by helping them understand that a life begins in the mother’s womb. Like Justice, they can pray for siblings to be born everywhere.

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