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So you want my pro-life vote…

ve8QAd   |   July 01, 2008

An open letter to political candidates.

So you’re running for political office and you want my support. This is no small request. I consider my vote to be a precious possession – something I don’t give lightly. Voting is a high privilege of being an American and I will not squander it on those who do not represent my heartfelt views.

As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t vote a dog catcher into office who wasn’t pro-life. Why? Every politician climbs his or her own ladder of success. The first rung of the ladder may be getting elected to the local school board; then, some may pursue a higher rung like state representative. Still others have a loftier goal to be elected to the US Senate, and a few even attempt to achieve that top rung of the ladder – the office of the President of the United States.

Most every politician who’s in a position to affect the well being of unborn children – good or bad – has gotten their political start in a more humble position of power. As a result, my goal is to fill all rungs of the ladder with only those who will work to protect life, regardless of their political level of achievement.

I’ll be pleased to give you my pro-life vote, but it generates a contract of sorts. Here’s what I want in return:

A spine should be standard equipment. As my elected representative, fight for what’s right. Don’t cave in to what’s politically correct or expedient. Vote to protect innocent human life even when it may be unpopular. Take the heat if you have to, but stand strong when you’re faced with a vote on the life issues.

Be committed to the babies. Vote to uphold the sanctity of innocent human life EVERY time. This includes procedural votes and behind the scenes lobbying. Don’t quietly work against pro-life efforts when you think nobody is watching. I am watching and I will hold you accountable.

Show your leadership. Sponsor pro-life legislation and work hard to see that it passes. Be an example to your peers, and do your best to persuade them. Work like life depends on it, because it does!

Watch the company you keep. While you’re running for office, don’t recruit pro-abortion politicians or spokespersons to promote your campaign. It sends the wrong message and tells me I can’t trust you.

Pro-life is more important than Party. Your pro-life convictions are more important to me than your party affiliation. If you’re a Democrat, I expect you to oppose your party’s pro-abortion platform. This will take guts, but the babies deserve nothing less. If you’re a Republican, don’t expect me to assume you’re automatically pro-life just because your party platform is. I’ve seen my share of pro-abortion Republicans. Prove your worthiness regardless of your party.

Don’t take me for granted. If your opposition is pro-abortion and you’re marginally pro-life, don’t assume you have my vote. I don’t have to vote for either one of you.

Remember who you work for. Once elected, many politicians have the mistaken idea that voters are indebted to the candidate. It’s the other way around. You work for us. If we don’t like the way you’re doing your job, we have the power to fire you and hire someone else.

Lip service isn’t an option. If you sign your name to a pro-life questionnaire, if you pledge your pro-life support to audiences during the campaign, I will expect you to be true to your word. Nothing generates more resentment toward an elected official than one who turns his back on unborn babies. If living up to your promises is a problem, revert to the statement immediately preceding this one.

Know your priorities. Abortion, euthanasia and the life issues are the most important concerns, because if we’re deprived of the basic right to life, no other rights matter. Those who are denied the right to live can’t experience lower taxes, health care, national security or a quality education.

Yes, if you’re willing to hold up your part of the bargain, I’ll give you my pro-life vote and encourage others to do the same.

Getting elected to public office isn’t easy. I often can’t imagine anyone wanting to take on the challenges that lie ahead. It requires much hard work and dedication to your core values. But I’m grateful for your willingness to try, and hopefully, your ability to succeed. Once you get there and demonstrate your respect for innocent human life, you can count on my continued, loyal support. I hope it will be a long-term partnership that will help secure the protection of those too tiny or defenseless to protect themselves.

Remember, work like life depends on it, because it does!

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