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New International Pro-Life Effort Focuses on Lawmakers

ve8QAd   |   July 01, 2007

Did you know that 70 countries in the world today have strict laws protecting women and unborn children from abortion including Chile, El Salvador, Ireland, Kenya, Nigeria and the Philippines?

Further, the pro-life laws of these nations are threatened because the international abortion network is actively working in capital after capital around the world to influence abortion policies and laws by targeting lawmakers. Their ultimate goal is unrestricted access to abortion-on-demand in every one of the 194 countries of the world.

Life Issues Institute has long been concerned with and active regarding the international push for legal abortion. We have worked with countries around the world to help them confront the challenges to their pro-life laws. To date this has largely been accomplished through working with and developing grassroots pro-life organizations in various countries. Dr. and Mrs. Willke have lectured in 74 countries, covering 6 continents, lending support and expertise to pro-life leaders and activists around the world. Executive Director, Bradley Mattes, has traveled and spoken in over 15 countries.

Now, more than ever, respect for the sanctity of life is under assault. Pro-abortion organizations such as United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), Marie Stopes International, various UN agencies, and regional bodies such as the African Union and European Union, are targeting lawmakers in national governments to pressure them to pass legislation that advances legal abortion. Armed with billion-dollar budgets to back it, this abortion network is vigorously uniting parliamentarians into working groups under the disguise of population, development and reproductive health.

No international pro-life network has existed to counter these efforts – until now. Life Issues Institute is pleased to announce that Marie Smith of New Jersey has joined the Life Issues Institute team as Director of the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues (PNCI). This international initiative, based in Washington, DC, will advance life issues by identifying and educating pro-life lawmakers around the world. Its mission is to promote respect for the inherent value, worth and inviolable dignity of every human being from the first moment of existence.

It is the first and only international network for pro-life lawmakers.

As director of the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues, Marie Smith will call upon her years of pro-life experience, which began in college along with her husband, House Pro-Life Caucus Chairman, Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ). Congressman Smith is widely considered to be the leading pro-life member of the House of Representatives. In her past position as International Director of Feminists for Life, Marie Smith advocated for the protection of women and children from the violence of abortion, internationally and at the United Nations. Marie and Chris have been married for 30 years and have four children ranging in age from 28 to 20. They are eagerly awaiting the birth of their first grandchild in November.

Marie said, “I am thrilled with this opportunity and that Life Issues Institute recognizes the importance and urgency of reaching pro-life lawmakers around the world. Pro-life legislators need to be advised of the international pro-abortion agenda and warned about what is coming their way. Together, we hope to equip lawmakers with the tools they need to defend pro-life laws and prevent any advance of abortion in their countries.”

The global advance of abortion follows a pattern that the US knows all too well. As former abortionist Bernard Nathanson details in his book, Aborting America, radical feminists, aligned with abortionists, fabricated statistics on the death rate from illegal abortion and, with the help of a sympathetic media, convinced many of the false argument that legal abortion would save women’s lives. The same tactic is being repeated today worldwide.

According to Marie Smith, “We are especially concerned for countries in Africa and Latin America who face intense pressure to legalize abortion in the name of reducing maternal mortality. Legalizing abortion will not save women’s lives but access to the life-saving health care before, during and after birth will save the lives of hundreds of thousands of women every year. PNCI hopes to assist parliamentarians advance life-affirming measures that protect and save the lives of both women and children while reducing the rate of maternal mortality.”

“Pro-life parliamentarians can do so much good and this new initiative will greatly help their efforts, including helping parliamentarians in countries with legalized abortion who realize the devastating impact abortion has had on their country and are seeking ways to restrict abortion and help women.”

PNCI will work with pro-life organizations in select countries to identify lawmakers interested in networking on pro-life issues and will facilitate dialogue, education and information exchange between parliamentarians worldwide. Contact the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues at PO Box 20203, Washington, DC, 20041. Phone 703.433.2767 or email PNCI.

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