Embryo Adoption Resources

Saving Lives with Embryo Adoption
Embryo adoption is a positive, life-affirming way to protect the lives of an estimated 400,000 human embryos held in frozen storage throughout the nation.  Even with this high number, there are still more parents willing to adopt embryos than those who have made them available.  More awareness regarding the option of embryo adoption will help to ensure that more of these tiny humans are given a chance at life.

Embryos Alive
Cincinnati, Ohio

Nightlight Christian Adoptions (Snowflakes)
Fullerton, California

National Embryo Donation Center
Knoxville, Tennessee

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One thought on “Embryo Adoption Resources

  1. The Catholic Church does not condone in vitro fertilization. These institutions should be closed. We should not be encouraging more people to donate their embryos or to market them. All of these embryos should be properly buried according to Christian rite.

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