Life Issues Institute Condemns FDA Decision on Plan B Over-the-Counter Sales

Cincinnati, OH (Aug 24, 2006) – Today, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved over-the-counter sales at pharmacies of the Morning After Pill (Plan B) to those over 18 years old.

  • Proponents claim it will cut the unwanted pregnancy rate in half; not so. Experience in England and Scotland shows there has been no decrease.
  • In England and Scotland there has been an increase in teen promiscuity and in teen abortions.
  • Since its availability, the sexual disease rate in these countries has increased sharply.
  • This over-the-counter availability opens the door for child abuse. Older men in England have been seducing young girls and slipping them the Morning After Pill to “cover-up” the evidence.
  • Almost nothing is known about the long-term effects of such mega doses of hormones on a young woman’s body.
  • These pills can mask a potentially fatal tubal pregnancy.

These pills can have one of three functions:

  1. She was not fertile and took the pills needlessly.
  2. She had ovulated; sperm reached the ovum in thirty minutes and she conceived before she got out of bed. She took the pills the next morning – too late to prevent conception. The newly fertilized embryo spent his or her first week of life floating down the tube. When one week-old, the embryo could not plant in the womb for the pills had hardened its lining and this tiny new human died. This was an abortion.
  3. She had sex and took the pills a few hours later. She had not ovulated yet, but her body was programmed to do so two or three days later. The pills prevented the ovulation. This action was contraception.

In practice, there is no way for her to know which of these functions occurred, for in each case she menstruated on schedule.


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