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Marketing the Killing of Human Life

ve8QAd   |   July 01, 2006

How do you want your abortion?” If the abortion industry had its way, this question would generate the same nonchalance as asking, “Do you want fries with that?” Abortion is a lucrative business. It generates well over one-half billion dollars annually. Former abortion industry staff who are now pro-life have talked about the aggressive nature used to market abortion to millions of American women.

What I’’m about to share will shock and enrage you. It’’s more clear and convincing evidence abortion is less about women’’s welfare and more about making a financial profit. Margaret R. Johnston and Claire Keyes are both long-time employees in abortion facilities. These two women wrote an Internet article called How do you want your abortion? In it they present what they call a “menu” of nine options for women to consider when having an abortion.

The first is the “economy” option. The article says it’’s their “most popular package, …enjoyed by several millions of women.” Is abortion something to be “enjoyed”? This package comes complete with beverages, snacks and her choice of pain relievers. Cost:— $350.

The second “menu” item is “The Lunch Hour Special”—their words not mine. They “guarantee” a one-hour experience, “designed for the busy woman.” However, they warn that not all sedatives will be available in this brief time frame. The cost is $600.

Next, “The Family Package” allows the woman to select one person of her choice to accompany her through the abortion procedure. The abortion facility staff will train this person and others how to meet her physical and personal needs afterward.— $650.

Number 4 is the DIY or “Do-It-Yourself.” Yes, they advocate a woman can abort her unborn baby “in the comfort of [her] own home.” The sales pitch is, “Take a pill today and choose when you bleed anytime in the next three days…” This option is particularly ominous because, on another website recommended by the article, it says this about do-it-yourself abortions: “No! Please do not try. Anything that supposedly can stop a pregnancy can hurt or kill you.” What appears to be the difference is that the abortion facility receives $550 for the DIY option.

The 5th choice is the “Deluxe Spa Treatment” abortion. Luxury is the selling point, with amenities like a massage and Jacuzzi. The customer can choose between a foot massage, facial mudpack or a rebalancing of her shakras (points of energy within the human body believed to lead to peace and tranquility). They also tout room service from a four-star restaurant – total comfort in the process of intentionally killing her unborn child. A feather pillow bed, they say, ensures a good night’’s sleep. What the mother isn’’t told is that she will likely spend countless nights awake, mourning for her lost child. The total luxury package comes to a whopping $3,000.

The “Spiritual Journey” is the 6th option. Believing abortion is also a spiritual process, the abortion mill will provide a “spirit healer and guide” to help her customize a religious ceremony. Available themes include Native American, Eastern philosophy or pagan rituals. An optional Friday night mountain retreat will provide a ritual cleansing for the “surgical procedure when [she] is ready for a separation of paths with the spirit child within.” But all this spiritual awakening doesn’’t come cheap. This package will set her back five grand.

For an added $100, many of the packages allow women to opt for a chemical abortion instead of a surgical procedure. It’’s euphemistically disguised as a “miscarriage with medicines and herbs.”

You’’re probably wondering what kind of service they offer for the crushing and devastating grief that often accompanies abortion. Number 7 on the menu is called the “Full Emotional Support.” In summation, for $1,000 the mother and her support person of choice get two hours of so-called counseling, plus self-help books. What little support there is rings hollow, because the authors confess they tell patients, “You have to figure out your own grieving.”

The abortion industry even has something for women on a tight budget. The “Discount Package” is the no frills approach. Additional sedation costs extra. Regardless of her level of pain, there’’s no relief unless she first shows them the money. Women who opt for this bare-bones abortion are warned to expect delays, and no support person is allowed. The cost is $250; sorry cash only.

The IRS is going to love this last one. It’’s called “Abortions Anonymous.” It’’s for the woman who wants complete secrecy. They offer private hours, don’’t even take her name and there’’s no record of her visit to the death center. But she pays $950 for her privacy, cash only.

Similar in many ways to slavery, abortion is one of America’s darkest moments. Plantation owners tried to justify enslaving an entire race for financial gain. Today, the abortion industry is trying to disguise their cash cow as “good” for women. As a result, it’’s killed tens of millions of American citizens, and has enslaved their parents and society as a whole to a philosophy that we kill our children to solve social problems.

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