Kermit Gosnell’s House of Horrors: Images

Kermit Gosnell - House of Horrors

Images from the 281page Grand Jury report (WARNING: some images are extremely graphic)

aborted baby boy

boy with slit neck

baby girl aborted by Gosnell


fetal remains

severed feet


Gosnell's facility

gated facility

Drug administration chart

Price List

Procedure Room

Procedure Table

Mr. and Mrs. Mongar


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70 thoughts on “Kermit Gosnell’s House of Horrors: Images

  1. Many will see the movie and just imagine the pictures we see here, and that is probably good, as many could not handle the visual. I saw the movie, thank God for the courageous people who produced it and equally for those actual people portrayed as taking this on. What kind of monster could be so horrendously cruel and unfeeling to kill these innocent babies. Any abortion is too much, these are beyond any reasonable argument for justifying. I have seen cleaner horder houses. How disgusting. How really sad. The only saving grace is that I know we have a great God, our creator, who takes the souls of these human beings, made in His image, to be with him in heaven, where they never have to understand the pain of living. Unfortunately they also miss the joy of living. And we who are living will never know those who may have gone on to become our friends, maybe someone who could have cured cancer or some other great thing. Our bodies are our responsibility to take care of, but they aren’t ours, all things are from God. We are only the temporary resident. Abortion is just flat wrong. If anyone has a different view, I challenge them to prepare an argument to stand that they would be willing to debate with God when they meet Him at their judgement day. Don’t believe in judgement day, or Hell? Just not believing doesn’t make it so. Mankind was given a “free-will”, not a mandate. And it is simple to understand when you consider that man wants to live by his own rules and so believes in evolution, we came from nothing, all by chance. To believe otherwise, to believe their is no “creation”, thus justifies man making his own rules. Otherwise, if their is a creation, then obviously their is a creator. And if their is a creator, then we owe an accountability to our creator. But man would then beholden to any rules dictated by the creator. Human life starts at conception. Life is unbelievably complex and marvelous. Our universe, all components of our external existence, is masterfully engineered by a loving God. All will come to a future judgement day, either a white throne judgement day where we account for our Christian lives, or reap the judgement of an eternity of Hell, which is simply the absence of God’s presence, the most severe and horrible eternity we cannot even imagine. Believing it doesn’t exist, if in fact it does (and I believe it does), doesn’t make it not exist. If I’m wrong, what have I lost? If non-believers are wrong, what have they lost? God loves us all, but he gives us a choice, and that choice right up until we suffer the wages of sin: DEATH. Those babies didn’t deserve what they got. Even Dr. Gosnell, as disgusting as he is, could find the path to heaven, “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of heaven”. We’ve all sinned, but we can all be forgiven, unless we blaspheme the Holy Spirit, as we have an advocate in Jesus Christ. Amen.

  2. Thank you for your insightful and truthful response to Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors”. Your interview with him is amazing! I am also a believer in Jesus Christ and so appreciated what you said in this post! The battle is truly between God, our Creator, and the devil, the author of Humanism ( the raising of humans to the place of God)! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your courageous posting!

  3. Saw the movie twice. How wonderfully this movie depicts the hypocricy between a Gosnell “live birth murder”and a “legal” abortion (hint: there is no difference because All the babies are dead in the end), the media respose to the trial and the media response to the movie, the respect for animal life, but not human life (and yes, I love animals, but humans are made in the very image of God and animals are not). Brilliant film.

    Why aren’t Gov Tom Ridge and Health Dept officials being prosecuted as accessories to murder?

    My final chilling comment from a prochoicer “If CHRISTIANS really thought abortion was murder, it
    wouldn’t be legal anymore.”Every professing Christian in America is an accessory to one million abortions per year.

  4. I’ve always been prolife and a christian. After seeing the movie yesterday and looking up the photos. I find it hard to believe anyone who knew about this trial and the horendous murderous Dr Gosnell could still be okay with abortion at all. I posted this to my Facebook and will be encouraging everyone o know to see the movie. Thank you for making this movie hopefully eyes will be opened and hearts will be changed. God bless you all

  5. I went to the movie. It was well done. I would like to comment that I buried and named my son Sean Thomas at 5 months if he was not a child what did I bury? In tears I write this. Jesus you are the way and the truth!

  6. I saw the gosnell movie. It was excellent!! I was appalled by the fact that no one came forward before 30 years. I am PRO IFE and a delivery room nurse. I PRAY that they put an end to this horrific crime!!! So sad.

  7. My daughter-in-law had an abortion at 4 1/2 months against my son’s, her HUSBAND and father of baby boy Gavons expressed wishes. There has to be some consideration for a father’s rights when it comes to a child THEY wanted. Even after calling the clinic 3 times to try to halt it until his wife got treatment for her mental state and THEY together as parents could make a decision concerning their child. I will fight for Father’s Rights in the name of my grandson, Gavin and what could have been. Sadly 5 months later when he was due my daughter-in-law committed suicide.

  8. So much for the excuse that it”is my body”.
    Everyone should listen to the testimony of Dr North describing how she does 2nd trimester abortions. If it is just “My body” whose brains are being sucked out of their head and whose heart is being stopped by injecting Potassium Chloride?

  9. Just saw the INCREDIBLY SAD movie GOSNELL! My theaters are only showing it once a day & only for a few days !! Somehow it’s being partially censured in the theaters and the media advertisements?!!
    This is a must see movie !! Thank U to Dean Caine & others for having the courage to fight for what is right . Kermit Gosnell was nothing but a racist against his own kind & a murderer of adults and infants ! That photo showed that Baby A did matter & his life was not in vain ! To all the little lives (hundreds of thousands )that have been taken each year in the Usa, your matter . ?

  10. Terribly sorry for your loss, Nana.
    I saw this movie alone because my wife just couldn’t go; she was upset by the thought of it. The movie was incredibly well done, the acting was excellent. The one thing that impressed me so much was the way it was done; no shocking images, no sensationalism, no intent to push an anti-abortion doctrine. I lived just outside Philly when this trial was going on. I remember the case, but the press didn’t seem to make a big deal out of it, so I didn’t really understand what it was all about. Now I do. I have been on the fence on this issue for years. I instinctively KNOW it’s wrong, but the libertarian in me says I have no right to tell others what to do. On the other hand, I know that it has NOTHING to do with “women’s health issues”. Abortion shouldn’t be just another form of birth control. I also reject the “It’s my body” argument. It’s your body until there is another body growing inside you. As a man it’s hard to understand the entire issue and its’ effects on ALL of those involved in it. After the movie I sat until the theater was empty and just thought. I didn’t have an epiphany; I just felt incredibly sad. Thanks to those who made this movie happen and for the courage of those who acted in it, probably knowing they would get no recognition by the mainstream media, particularly Dean Cane who has actively promoted it.

  11. I don’t even know where to begin my heart is still greiving. I have always been anti-abortion but never ever thought something like this could be happening. I don’t even know when it became legal and I blame myself but not knowing what’s going on in this world. I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart and don’t know what I could do to stop this from happening whatever it would be I would do it. How can we make abortion illegal? It truly is Murder and in some states if you murder a pregnant woman they can charge you for two murders. I don’t understand I’m old but I wish I could do something. I will be in prayer. Thank you to every single person that had any part of the making of this movie. My best friend would not go with me because she believes fat Gosnell will make lots of money from the movie. Is this true? I truly believe that he should have gotten the death penalty.

  12. I saw the movie today. I could not eat afterwards. I could not find beauty in a sunny day. I struggled to pray knowing that this is happening across the United States and all over the world. I will find comfort in praying for these discarded babies who some husband and wife would have loved to adopt. May Abba comfort the little ones who have come to Him through much suffering. And, may our prayers be that this horrendous birth control will end in our time. I pray this in the name of our Messiah.

  13. I am so sick after watching this movie. I’ve always been pro-life but now I truly understand my parents constant praying and anger against abortion. These poor innocent BABIES, I pray every day for the 60 million aborted babies. God will be the final judge.

  14. Saw this movie last night. I cried and can”t thank Dean Cain and others for making this true story public. I am pro-life and when seeing what was happening in Philadelphia and no one said anything for all those years is lower than low. Planned parenthood should be burned to the ground and all participants are devils spawn. I encourage everyone regardless of political view to see this movie

  15. I am a nurse and work in a hospital. This happened a long time ago .There was a woman, married that had several children. We received her after delivery because she was giving up the baby for adoption because she and her husband could not afford another child. Several nurses commented “How selfish to give the baby up”. I told them it was the most giving thing a mother could do. It was hard on her and for those women adopting out there babies they were moved to the post surgery floor so they would not here babies crying. Where did we go wrong?

  16. This has nothing to do with God or religion. Everything people do has nothing to do with God. It makes me upset, this Gosswell is a typical psychopath
    who enjoyed killing those poor children and keeping their feet as a trophy. He is a sick individual.

    Why the nurces kept silence? That’s the question. If you see anything similar talk. Say something. Dont be stupid. People are so stupid to see all this terror and keep quiet. Either they are like him or close to being like Gossnell.

  17. My grandson, 27 yrs, and I went to see this movie. The saddness that was in my heart was unexpected. I am pro-life. I volunteer to The Crisis Pregnancy Center for about 7 years. I am very familiar with the pictures of aborted babies.
    But there was a saddness watching this movie that I did not expect t have.
    This tiny 12 week baby was lost do to spontaneous miscarriage. He was s beautiful! What was the difference in watching this movie? The live action of the big screen.. the smells they talked about.. the filth of the rooms.. the cold heart of Gosnell.. Dead and mutilated babies spurned everywhere. You see, I held a spontaneously miscarried baby boy who was about 12 weeks after conception in the palm of my hand. What a beautiful little boy!
    This is sad yet beautiful movie really brought home the horrors of abortion. It was their bigger than life to see.
    I never watch the credits of the movie but as I was walking down the steps inside the theater the vision of baby A stopped me in my tracks.
    I think this movie should almost be mandatory watching by every pro-choice person in our nation.

  18. I had been wanting to see this and finally a local church showed it 2 times today! I was outta the country during the trial and nothing in the news. The abortion lobby is SO STRONG they squash the media about this.. I heard in Austin, it was scheduled last year and PP got it removed. The former president MS Richards, daughter of our former governor of Texas should be ashamed of herself but she’s a greedy blood thirsty businesswomen. Jam this down the throats of all in PP! I’ll gotten gains!

  19. I cannot believe there are people like that doctor with no conscience and not feeling a bit guilty for their actions. The worst is the law letting this person continues this practice and closing their eyes to such inhumane look at life. Yes, that should be clinic who allows people to decide about the pregnancy but it should be done with all the necessaries inspections to assure the well being of the child and the mother as per the law. But where is the law when people need it? It is very hard to believe then such practice went so long before it is has been finally stopped. Thank you to all the people who have the courage to show the atrocities done to the babies and mothers.

  20. Just watched the film and went straight to look at the pictures.. it broke my heart. I have read all the comments ts on here and alot of people have said things about praying for change. We are the ones who can get things changed we are the ones who have to have a voice. Just like the people in the movie who fought this it was their actions that got the convictions. We as a people have to step up and fight for what is right that is why we have free will in the first place. If we say “oh it’s so sad and horrible and I’m praying about it” that may make you feel better but how does that help all those babies? If we sit by all our lives and have just opinions nothing will change. If we say no this is wrong and we come together to make change we are using our voices and our free will to make things right. If everyone in that clinic decided earlier to speak out lives could have been saved. I just think if we sit by all our lives and just have opinions who are we helping?. I am not to say what people do but if we all just went that little bit further for something or spoke up more or said no to something òr challenge a decision we thought was wrong instead of just having an opinion we might just make the world a little better. This film was a terrible thing. the hard reality we try to pretend isnt there. I feel inspired and reminded that we have to work to make things different. We have to get involved we have to be a voice.

  21. Thank you all, the brave men and women who made this come out from the hidden doors of that clinic, who let their consciences speak up for those babies whose voices were silenced, for the pictures that were taken and shared to make an even stronger case, for the writers, actors, producers who had a vision to present the truth to those who WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH.
    I believe in Christ as my personal Saviour, and I also know I’m not better or more holy than anyone, or I wouldn’t need Jesus, so all people have a choice to make, I made mine and I hope and pray that more and more people come to know the need to recognize that we have an appointed time to be judged, but that for now He is giving us the opportunity to come to Him.
    Those precious little ones are resting in the arms of God and no longer suffer, we on the other hand, still have work to do here on earth, yes, doing the right things by the vulnerable, week, innocent, the poor, the rejected by society, and to pray for the love of Jesus to pierce this dark and broken world and transform it into His Kingdom on earth until He physically comes back as the ruling King.
    May God bless you all!

  22. Sad to say I was one of his patients I was young and db and didn’t know what God gave me was actually a gift I watched this movie today and thought maybe one of these was my kids I’m do hurt I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight knowing what I did to an innocent baby now 20 years later at 36 I feel guilty I’m ashamed and I will repay for my sins I’m not writing this so no one can judge me but to let people know that thing like this will scar u for life after my daughter that’s when I had it done then I got pregnant with my son and the abortion messed me up so bad they did not think he would make it and 17 years he is healthy I will never be able to give my husband another child be cause this doctor messed me up so bad. This pains my heart every day I know that I am a murderer also I chose to have this abortion when I could of said wrap it up

  23. I also am a person who believes in God and Jesus as my savior. I just got done watching this movie. It made my stomach sick. I looked at the baby pictures on here, my heart sank. There is no punishment big enough for this so called Dr til judgement day. I do believe in prayer but we can also pray to give us the way and strength to change it and do it. I’m not going to say how I feel about abortion because that’s between God and that woman. What does bother me is why not have the baby? There are so many people that want adopt a baby and have to go to another country to get one. I’m just asking please do not throw a baby in the garbage and all these abusive things we hear have been done to babies. Let them be adopted right here so we don’t have to go somewhere else to have one. What a gift you would give to someone! I hope someone reads this and if your not wanting your baby, please adopt him or her out and make a miracle for someone else! God Bless??

  24. I have had the book for quite some time, yet I haven’t been able to read it.

    Seeing the movie was easier in a small sense. The reason for this lies in my mind. When reading the book, my imagination goes to dark places.

    I was able to watch the movie with no pressure of having to pull from my actual imagination.

  25. i just watched this movie.this man looks like he delighted in murder of these babies, i had my firs son at six months of pregnacy he wieghed 2 lbs. his actual due date was dec. 25 but was born on sept. 25 i call him a child of god he was in the incubator for 3 months and i got to take him home on dec.24 at 5 lbs he is 65 years old to day the baby in the picture of gosnell was very big had to be more than 6 months when he killed him .thanks to all who brought him to justice ,and right now they are talking aborting babys up to the day of nine months

  26. I’m not a god worshipping person, I do believe when it comes to abortion it’s about choice and your right to choose. There are rules for a reason. Baby A looked full term, that can’t be justified.

  27. The TRUTH shall prevail! Thanx to the detectives and prosecuting attorney for a difficult job well done. Now that the governor of Virginia has admitted to hat happens to babies born alive and President Trump has asked Congress to ban all late term abortions maybe we’ll be able to move forward on the abortion issue. ALL BABIES DERSERVE TO LIVE. Now when I pray my Prolife rosary I will be thinking of Baby A and Baby BB and the countless other babies Gosnell killed. Makes me sad to thee point of tears.

  28. If this case was being tried in the state of NY today, Gosnell would not be going to jail because he would be well within his right and the law to kill Baby A and all the others born alive. Having just watched the movie and thinking about THAT is beyond surreal!! Pray, yes, but inform yourselves and think before voting when electing your representatives…Lord, have mercy.

  29. We as a society was no better than the most primative cultures that have existed throughout history. There is a word that describes late term abortions
    MURDER…..Every pro abortion person should see these images. If you wait so long there has to be a time where it’s just too late. No can have the right but only until a certain time. The most barbaric thing I have ever seen.ugh..

  30. I’m a little late to the game but I just watched this movie. It will haunt me forever. I’ve had an abortion and my heart has been broken ever since. What this movie showed me is that people will think murder itself is acceptable once a nation goes down the road of legalizing abortion. Why wouldn’t they?

  31. A friend of mines got this movie via Netflix so that I could see it for myself. It touched her so much that she wanted to share it with me and I thank God for the opportunity to watch it. This movie had indeed given me a whole new appreciation for life.
    I personally don’t believe in abortion; however, I know quite a few people who have had more than one. I wonder if people were made to watch this movie prior to going through with this act, would they change their minds. And the have that this guy actually felt like he was doing something good. I lost my son at 24 weeks (stillborn) and that was painful. I cannot imagine giving birth to a live baby and have that baby murdered by someone who is supposed to save lives. A snip at the beach of the neck and just like that the life is gone.

  32. Gosnell transcended evil. He slipped into the prison of wickedness from which he may never escape. Christ has a place for him in the Kingdom but Gosnell will have to come to terms with how wicked he was. What makes Gosnell wicked as apposed to evil is that he found pleasure in the killing of the innocents merely because he felt as if he were doing the right thing. When one becomes so depraved that the butchering of living babies becomes routine then you have destroyed any concept of humanity you thought you may have had. Ted Bundy new his actions were evil…Gosnelll did not…that is what making sense him wicked.

  33. This movie brought me to tears for all those little souls, taken from this world so horrifically. God is so angry. He will judge and punish those who support, advocate and take part in these barbaric and evil procedures. God bless all those precious little souls.

  34. I’ve just read all these comments. No one brought up the words of Jesus, that if you say Raqa to your neighbor, you are a murderer. I am pro life. But I think pointing fingers wont change the abortion avalanche. The only thing that will is pro lifers changing by pointing fingers at ourselves and saying “Jesus help me to convert from my murderous ways!” When teens point to toddlers’ errors, moms also correct teens for their part.

  35. Oh my .the movie was incredible.i watched twice in a row .what an evil man . those photos I still see them in my mind oh god . I should say thanks to god and he will make it ok.

  36. I’m glad they found him guilty. ALL LIVES MATTER !!!! Having a baby is a Blessing . It’s a gift from GOD !!!! He was sick . The place was very unsanitized.

  37. I’m replying to the one that said I was a child please don’t judge. We all sin, there is no greater sin, Jesus loves you no matter what you have done nothing can separate you from him, have you asked him for forgiveness? If not, ask and guess what he will forgive you, that’s why jesus died on the cross sweet heart for all of our sins no sin is to great for the blood of Jesus! Just know when u ask him he will forgive you and then you must know he has forgiven you and move on don’t blame yourself, you are loved! 🙂

  38. I just finished watching this movie, how sad that this man “Dr” had no soul, yet still managed to work his way around the court system and with no thought or remorse could take the lives of so many babies and women. Our country is again at a crossroad with the 2020 elections coming up, so many of our politicians will use this as part of there platform, don’t you the true Americans believe it’s time we make our voices heard, let’s stand together for the babies and the women

  39. I am furious that the governor of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Department of Health was not held accountable for their derilection of duty in not inspecting that “health” clinic and for allowing those atrocities to go on for 17 years! They were as guilty as Gosnell for not shutting him down or making the clinic meet health standards such as sterilization, handling of biohazard waste and safety standards and equipment!


  41. My girlfriend and I were 17 & 16 when we aborted our first baby. We got married at 19 & 18 and were still living for ourselves when we had our second…no excuse. This scarred us for the rest of our lives. We were still blessed by God to have a son and then adopted 3 more kids, volunteered at clinics, prayed for those mother’s and babies. We found peace through Jesus. My heart broke again watching this movie. This fight can not stop! Voting matters! The hardened hearts of this world can change and we need to do all we can to speak for the voiceless. With this movie and Unplanned I believe we are seeing a cresting wave about to crash down on our societies conscientiousness. Don’t stop…can’t stop…P.U.S.H. (pray until something happens) and don’t believe the lies that a difference can’t be made.

  42. I agree with you and the sentiments you expressed K. Adielade. You are right! Why are the mayor and govenor not being held or tried for accessory to murder . Why are they not being held accountable for their participation in this hienous crime against humanity. As you say, then there are the Christian s who stood idly by and watch this crime being committed. We are the pinnacle of God’s creation and made in His image and we let this happen . It is unthinkable that it did. Even King Solomon was pro-life (the two women who fought over a living baby because one of theirs died). Instead of cutting it in half, he gives it to the women who cried out for the life of the baby. When it comes to God we have no rights. There are no right for anyone to give up on bring a baby into this world. That is selfish and prideful. God always prevails as He will in His day of wrath

  43. I Just saw this movie – did not know it existed until i found it on one of my friends drives. I am truly saddened in my very soul that humans can turn to be so monstrous. Life is God given and only God can take a life. If we dont want to get pregnant prevent it through abstinence or use preventative measures. The lady said she performed over 30, 000 abortions! 30,000 children! I cannot comprehend… Gosnell killed how many more… Other abortion clinics throuhout the world kills how many more children… Its incomprehensible for me as a mother and grandmother. All has to stand one day in its own judgement. I can only believe that these uncountable children is resting at the feet of Jesus… My comfort….

  44. I just saw the movie and it was very well done I believe everyone should see this with technology as it is now there should be no reason on Earth Roe versus Wade is an overturned life begins at conception there is a spark when a sperm fertilizes an egg I believe all aborted babies are up in heaven perhaps in the nursery with angels taking care of them everyday of my life I regret having an abortion in 1976 I thought it was a blob of tissue that’s what they said each life is precious it’s a gift from God whether you planned it or not Jesus is coming back soon horrible and the thought that partial birth abortion and now infanticide is being made legal we truly are going to hell in a handbasket Jesus is coming back very soon please pray for our country and the leaders God bless you all I pray you come to know Jesus as your lord and savior he truly is the way the truth and the life

  45. I watched this movie on Amazon and was in tears throughout the movie. I have never been much of a “kid” person, but I could never do the things this sick man done to pregnant women and babies!! He deserved the death penalty!!! This man MUST be mentally ill!!!

  46. I just watch the movies today I just want to say I was very appalled of what I was hearing and when she wanted to show that picture and I seen everyone face expression I knew it was something horrific something terrifying and heartbreaking they didn’t made me want to hook it up myself and seeing the pictures here that I see now my heart crumbles I’m in so much pain I have a 10 month old son me personally don’t believe in abortions but to see these wonderful babies there still was breathing and also a live it tears me to pieces I’m sitting here crying as I write this it breaks my heart to see what I saw and to hear the things I was hearing I could never and whatever and then to see how trifling The Place was I couldn’t I just wouldn’t God be with all those young women into the Young lady that lost her mother God bless it breaks my heart

  47. Sad. So sad. I was just wondering, what will happen if any of these women repent of their actions and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Of course our loving God will forgive them. But I wonder about the reunion of these aborted babies with their repentant moms in Heaven. Hugs and forgiveness. I know that Revelation 21:4 tells us there will be no tears in Heaven. Only the love of an awesome Father could make such a reunion tear-free. I’ll be buying another copy of this movie for a local womens’ crisis center.
    I have often commented about fathers’ rights when discussing the issue with pro-choice individuals. There is a definite inequality. Two people created the baby. If the father wants the baby, the mother should be held accountable and have the child. We all know that if the shoe was on the other foot the father would be held accountable and have to pay child support (and rightly so).
    I know that in their hearts, everyone KNOWS that it is a baby. They only call it a “tissue mass” to protect their emotions from the painful truth.
    God bless the unborn, and their parents.

  48. This was a fantastic movie. I’m sure that there is a special place in Hell for doctors like Gossnel. I can’t believe that a doctor could be so depraved.

  49. Just saw most horendless movie ever. To wonder how and why anyone could do this. People who ‘worked# there are as guilty along with the state who knew appalling conditions! All should be judged as well. A child is a precious treasure. I alone would have given anything for one. Adoption in our country should be open to all and not have to go to other countries to do so. Only rich and so called famous are allowed. I could take “Dr” to his own hell if allowed! Bless the children may they find ever loving peace.

  50. I am literally repulsed by this to know it happened and no one told sooner. The employees and state also should be held accountable for this. A child is a treasure. I wish I was granted the opportunity to have had a child. I would like to have this ‘dr’ alone with me I would make sure he got his. Day in hell after what he’s done.

  51. I have my own thoughts and whether someone out there likes it or not, here it is……. This day and age women have many ways of not getting pregnant. That is why we have so many unloved and unwanted children in this world. I do think it was terrible what this doctor did but it all falls back on women not making the right choices.

  52. I used to be a ProChoice as a young woman but not because I would ever consider having an abortion but because I didn’t want a bunch of men sitting in Congress telling me what I could and couldn’t do. Then, I met this wonderful man named Jesus and He changed my life. What Gosnell did was repulsive and flat out murderous from the beginning. He didn’t even care about his patients, let alone any babies who were born old enough to survive. My daughter was born at the same gestational age as Baby Boy A and she is fine. I just can’t wrap my head around how anyone can be so cruel.

  53. Unbelievable , I don’t recall hearing enough abt this case at all. How did he not get death penalty? Pol- i- tricks that’s how!!!

  54. I’ve just seen the Movie for the first time and must say it was heart renching to say the least. I’ve always had mixed feelings about the subject depending on the situation of how the pregnancy comes about. I’m not going to get into my own opinion, but I would really like to know, how his (The Doctors) Attorney could live with himself defending this matter. Did he really think that this was ok even while reading through the Documents? Was there any thought process on his behalf to think it to be right? I really feel for the family of the Woman who died and all of the Children aborted. I wouldn’t wish Jail on anyone, but he got what he deserved. By the way, what happened to his daughter who was seen sitting on the bed? I would really like to know her thoughts about her Dad.

  55. He was a very sick man indeed, the facts are that he was and is a sociopath, and to whomever said that they saw the pictures and that that child had to be at least 6 months of age you’re wrong that is a newborn baby that baby is about anywhere from 6 to 8 lb in weight, if the baby or fetus or child would have been 6 months in age they would have stated that via the movie via the court documents via the every document that was presented in the trial against gosnell please make sure you have all of your facts before you comment something so stupid. This man was and is a complete and total sociopath to the extent he performed late term abortions he gave women anesthesia without a proper anesthesiologist there he performed several procedures using the same instruments I mean you see in the movie that he had one pair of surgical scissors meaning that one pair of surgical scissors was the only pair of surgical scissors he used on all of his patients on all of those fetuses on all of those children to sever their spinal cords to clip to tuck to all of it. Gosnell is a very sick man and thankfully they did end up doing the investigation into him being a pill pusher had they not he would still be performing these abortions the sad part of this is is that he could have been stopped years ago whenever one of his nurses went and filed a complaint with the department of health however the department of health chose not to investigate everyone who is derelict at their duties should be held accountable they are just as guilty as does now I am pro-choice but I am also pro-life having given up a child for adoption myself instead of having abortion I can honestly say that I made the most selfless choice any mother could have ever made, however to the mothers daughters sisters cousins aunts etc whom have been affected by such cruel and horrendous Acts like committed by gosnell I feel for you I feel your pain and I pray that with time God gives you the peace and strength you need to overcome such a horrendous act committed by someone you thought you could trust. they’re always be darkness but you have to look for the light in jesus’s name I pray amen

  56. The women were mostly African American. Feminists convinced them motherhood was a burden. Racism on the part of Pennsylvanian health department looking the other way all those years

  57. I find it rather amazing that people are up in arms over him (as they should be) yet still defend late term abortions in “a medical setting”! The hypocrisy is painful

  58. I am pro life, however, that said, I think in cases of rape or incest, a women should be allowed IN FIRST TRIMESTER , or preferably when period is missed to abort..

    As an incest survivor, I know had my offender (bio father) suceeded in his attempts to rape me full on, I would have gone completely insane had I been forced to carry his child.

    .I was in school, going to the girls room and found the body of a school mate who slashed her wrists..I put her back together with pieces of my clothing and when she got to hospital, she aborted her baby..her FATHER was raping her and she begged her mom to help her abort it (she and I were 15) anyway, mom said “no” as she was Catholic and so “B” went into our school bathroom and slit her wrists..there ARE mitigating reasons why an abortion is necessary as I highlighted here

    but to wait till the baby is past 1st trimester is heart breaking to me..

    Baby A made me feel like there, to me, is no black and white addressing of this…Rape and especially incest , are special cases where definitely the mothers mental health are at stake and the poor thing should NOT be forced to carry her incest aggressor’s or her rapist’s baby..

    Also I heard in both cases, the “father” can be in her life forever because of that rape/incest and resulting child….Lets consider the mother’s welfare, the established life’s welfare, but DO IT soon, 1st trimester or as soon as period is missed..There are pills that can be taken to force a period…

    Also if a sonogram shows a horribly deformed baby, I think is exception as well..The gov’t protects baby while in womb, but when it is born, Little help, if any is available to is stuck with the horrid truth of having to care for the deformed child..States rarely help a woman in that situation and so she faces horrid poverty and if she has other children, the financial and emotional burden to her is traumatizing…

    I’ve seen these scenarios first hand…Lots of mention of God and Jesus here..Well luckily for me, I just had to “allow” my bio sperm doner to molest me under threat if I did not cooperate, pets would be murdered or my little brothers or mom would be I had to “comply” he tried many many times to force himself into me and maybe it was, I BELIEVE it was God preventing it ..Even so, as a 14 year old child when it started, I thought ejaculation near the “intimate parts” was enough to maybe cause a pregnancy..The stress worrying about a late period, caused me (this went on THROUGH my teen years) to have a mental breakdown..I have been on medication for my CPTSD and GAD since..I’m in my 70’s now and am still in recovery….Why does God allow such evil to happen to an innocent, beautiful, full of potential child?? I don’t know..But I know..I know for certain that had he suceeded in his rape attempts, I would have suicided and for SURE had he gotten me pregnant…I did try suicide a couple of times as the stress/shame/being in constant danger was killing my spirit and I thought the only way out was to help me out of here…I can’t believe a loving God would have punished ME for not being able to take it anymore…so under special circumstances, I do support early abortion…

    JUST saying you all..Its not all black and white..AND I am a believer in God and Jesus, but I also look at the circumstances as to WHY a woman or young girl resorts to abortion…

  59. God does allow what happen to this person. We live in a fallen world . We will see this evil events again and again. This person tells it like it is. Thank you for your story and telling the truth about your life. Yes, a young girl should not be made to carry a child that was forced on her by her own father or other person. I do not have an answer for the evil that the devil has for this fallen world. Abortion is Evil , as is many, many other evil events. God help us!

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