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The Latest News: Christ said feed the poor, not kill them

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Christ said feed the poor, not kill them

Safe. Legal. Rare. For decades, these three words have been the deceptive battle cry of pro-abortion activists in the US. Of the three, only “legal” reflects reality. Yet, there’s a disturbing trend emerging at the global level. Pro-abortion advocates don’t even claim to believe in “safe” or “rare” any longer. They unabashedly advocate for the slaughter of the poor and disadvantaged even without sufficient basic medical care.

It’s ironic that the recurrent theme is now to “de-medicalize” abortion. After the uproar over back alley abortions, they now advocate for things like “at home” abortions. This means a woman doing self abortions or having them done by someone other than a physician—even if it’s on a dirt floor. Today’s advocates are actually putting abortion back out in the street and away from medical professionals.

For example, an article by Wendy Wright tells of a new manual released by the World Health Organization (WHO) that’s essentially an abortion how-to guide with nightmarish consequences. A publication by C-FAM shows that it encourages substandard care and ignores any limits on abortion. Women face risks of harm and even death as their babies are killed in the womb. Rather than promoting quality in medical care, it’s designed to make abortion more widespread no matter what the costs.

Why? The goal is population control and the primary target is poor women in developing countries and their unborn children. They reason that the care these women receive is already inferior. So, poor care when it comes to abortion is justifiable. And if the woman happens to lose her life in the process, apparently in their eyes that’s nothing more than collateral damage.

Here are a few of the chilling examples:

  • It recommends disposing of the “waste” (including baby remains) in sewers or latrines
  • It discourages common practices, such as exams to detect ectopic pregnancies or complications
  • Rejects follow-up medical exams after an abortion, placing the burden of detecting infections or hemorrhaging on the woman
  • A “fetal survivor” of an abortion is considered a failure

The WHO’s report also centers around the misuse of the chemical abortion drug, misoprostol. It’s an anti-ulcer medication that is the “poison” of choice for aggressive abortionists. WHO acknowledges its use for pregnancies beyond 24 weeks gestation doesn’t have any clinical studies to back up their recommendation to use it. These women are essentially being treated as disposable.

In other words, they seek to eliminate poverty by killing those who are poor, even before they take their first breath.

As President of the International Right to Life Federation, I’ve had the privilege to travel and visit many of these impoverished areas. My heart breaks to see how these women are being abused under the guise of so-called “human rights.” It’s infuriating to consider that these children are being denied the most basic human right, the right to life.

In my travels, I once had the opportunity to visit Auschwitz. Even the name stirs up emotions of anguish and horror. I shudder at the thought that history is tragically repeating itself. The Nazi holocaust preyed upon those who couldn’t defend themselves. This latest genocide is attacking the most vulnerable—those who don’t yet have a voice.

The sacredness of life has once again been discarded, and those in power think they can play God. Whether across the street or around the world, our outcry remains the same—women and their babies deserve better.

For women & babies around the world,
Bradley Mattes
Executive Director
Life Issues Institute


Life Issues Institute is dedicated to changing hearts and minds of millions of people through education. Organizations and individuals around the world depend upon Life Issues Institute to provide the latest information and effective tools to protect innocent human life from womb to tomb.

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