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Katrina’s Aftermath of Death

I cannot begin to imagine how horrible the conditions were.

Floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina had risen over ten feet in Memorial Medical Center. The power had been off for days. Temperatures were exceeding 100 degrees. Bodies were piled in the hospital’s chapel. But the most demoralizing condition was this; rumors indicated that rescue crews would not be coming for a long time because others in the city were in greater danger.

In these horrid conditions, a few doctors and nurses attempted to save as many lives as possible. However, while some doctors were trying to save lives, something sinister may have been happening. Of the 45 bodies found in the morgue, twenty-five appeared to have died under suspicious circumstances. These people had one thing in common: they all had signed a “Do Not Resuscitate” order.

Attorney General Charles Foti claims that, according to eyewitnesses, as the situation grew more desperate, Dr. Anna Pou along with two nurses, went to the seventh floor and administered lethal doses of morphine and midazolam hydrochloride to four patients, quickly killing them. Autopsies revealed the level of morphine in their bodies far exceeded any dose consistent with “comfort care” given to the terminally ill.

Foti contended the four patients would have lived had they not been given the fatal medicinal cocktail. Within hours of the time eyewitnesses claimed Dr. Pou entered the seventh floor, five helicopters arrived to evacuate the patients of Memorial Medical Center.

Last week, a New Orleans grand jury voted to not hold the case over for trial against Dr. Pou. This grand jury robbed four families, and America, of the opportunity to hear the evidence in the case and to have Dr. Pou judged by a jury of her peers. The grand jury ruled that these four lives, under these conditions, weren’t worth the legal battle.

There are those that will claim that truth is relative and what applies in one situation may not apply in another. The truth of the uncompromisable value of human life cannot be jeopardized. We must hold that no matter what the condition, innocent human life is inviolable and deserves protection.

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Sincerely for life,
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